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Our Mission

Our goal is providing the most reliable tool to control, automize, and optimize resources for flower growers business of any scale. In order to reach that goal we invest a lot  of time and effort to keep on leading edge technology so we can put it in the growers hand.


Our Story

More than 20 years of experience designing and building software applications to control administrative and productive processes give us a great sense of what is needed in a very complex industry where accurate and right on time information is the key to success.

We have built solutions for: crop planning, activities execution control, quality assurance,  production forecasting, inventory administration, production activities post-harvest, air/boat shipping, sales, distribution, accounting, payroll, e-commerce, and more.

Machine learning, deep learning, and the great advances in programming over web, mobile, and console devices are opening unprecedented opportunities to harness in the better way the resources. To get into this technology could mean the continuity of the business in such a competitive enviroment as flower growing.


Sunttel Software is pionering these new technics focussing on this field.

More and more voices are asking to control the enviromental footprint for this kind of business. That is why Sunttel provides cutting age technologies in order to meassure, and warning the acomplishment  of the enviromental goals.

Future is amazing!

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